Thursday, June 27, 2013

Michael Blatty's child rape-murder fixations

I've been trying to figure out what, exactly, concerns me most about Blatty's fixation with the prosecution's false case. In a nutshell, it's not that the prosecution had no evidence of guilt, or that their theory of the crime (Satanic triple rape-murder) was roundly disproved before no less an authority than the AR Supreme Court, which ordered an evidentiary review after experts from around the country proved that the children had not been raped or had their genitals removed--my concern is that Michael Blatty still wants to believe the prosecution's fictional Satanic-child-sex-crimes.

I mean, why does Blatty want to imagine that three boys were raped and mutilated, when even the State fo AR concedes this is not the case?

It reminds me of how, during the "investigation," certain detectives pushed young Misskelley for hours upon hours until he gave them false, but nonetheless exceedingly graphic, tales of child sexual assault, from forced oral sex to anal rape. As author-journalist Mara Leveritt writes, in Devil's Knot:

(Detective) Gitchell asked about several forms of sex. Jessie said that, in addition to raping them, Damien and Jason had had oral sex with two of the boys or, as he put it, “They stuck their thang in their mouth.”

At one point, Gitchell rose from his seat, apologizing to Jessie. “Okay. All right,” he said. “Hold on just a minute.” There was a pause, during which Gitchell left the room. When the chief detective returned he explained, “I’m sorry I keep coming back and forth, but I got people that want me to ask you some other questions…” When the questioning resumed, he asked, “Did anyone go down on the boys and maybe sucked theirs or something?” (pp. 89-90) 

Now that we know rape and genital mutilation had no part in the crime, why does Michael Blatty continue to believe it? What purpose does this fantasy serve? And is this the sort of thing he is discussing with the highschool kids that Blatty is "tutoring"?

Again, if you have any information, if anyone whose child is in contact with Michael Blatty, or whose child has been around Michael Blatty in the past, please feel free to contact me at

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  2. Everything is fantastic, including the domain name! Comes up almost first when one enters Michael Blatty:) The only effective response to this avalanche of hundreds of hateful posts that he seemingly cannot stop producing. Spot-on, too. Thanx!

  3. Christ, THANK you. It's unbelievable that the child of a brilliant man like William Peter Blatty is not only a bitchy internet troll/gossip queen, but he's also a deluded and self-aggrandizing "truther." It's like Pazuzu crawled up his ass and died or something.