Sunday, September 15, 2013

Michael Blatty has a special friend in Marc Perrusquia


Why am I not surprised that Marc Perrusquia's newspaper has given Michael Blatty his own frightening photo page? Clealry, Perrusquia and Blatty are united in their fetish for fictional narratives of satanic child rape and sacrifice.

I wouldn't want either of these men around my children.

I also couldn't help but notice that Blatty emphasizes being a book seller, now, rather than working as a "tutor" for highschool-aged children.

"Fortunately" Blatty is the only creep in my school district. Perrusquia lives in AR.

I wish Blatty would just move there, so the two of them could stay up nights fantasizing together.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Michael Blatty's child rape-murder fixations

I've been trying to figure out what, exactly, concerns me most about Blatty's fixation with the prosecution's false case. In a nutshell, it's not that the prosecution had no evidence of guilt, or that their theory of the crime (Satanic triple rape-murder) was roundly disproved before no less an authority than the AR Supreme Court, which ordered an evidentiary review after experts from around the country proved that the children had not been raped or had their genitals removed--my concern is that Michael Blatty still wants to believe the prosecution's fictional Satanic-child-sex-crimes.

I mean, why does Blatty want to imagine that three boys were raped and mutilated, when even the State fo AR concedes this is not the case?

It reminds me of how, during the "investigation," certain detectives pushed young Misskelley for hours upon hours until he gave them false, but nonetheless exceedingly graphic, tales of child sexual assault, from forced oral sex to anal rape. As author-journalist Mara Leveritt writes, in Devil's Knot:

(Detective) Gitchell asked about several forms of sex. Jessie said that, in addition to raping them, Damien and Jason had had oral sex with two of the boys or, as he put it, “They stuck their thang in their mouth.”

At one point, Gitchell rose from his seat, apologizing to Jessie. “Okay. All right,” he said. “Hold on just a minute.” There was a pause, during which Gitchell left the room. When the chief detective returned he explained, “I’m sorry I keep coming back and forth, but I got people that want me to ask you some other questions…” When the questioning resumed, he asked, “Did anyone go down on the boys and maybe sucked theirs or something?” (pp. 89-90) 

Now that we know rape and genital mutilation had no part in the crime, why does Michael Blatty continue to believe it? What purpose does this fantasy serve? And is this the sort of thing he is discussing with the highschool kids that Blatty is "tutoring"?

Again, if you have any information, if anyone whose child is in contact with Michael Blatty, or whose child has been around Michael Blatty in the past, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you,
Scared (again) in Salem

Is Michael Blatty "tutoring" your child?

(Michael Blatty
photo from Facebook
27 June 2013)

Judging from his hundreds upon hundreds of internet posts and comments (see this article, for starters), Salem, MA resident Michael Blatty works as a high-school tutor and is obsessed with the idea that Damien Echols (and Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley) are murderers.

Given that the majority of people who are familiar with the four documentaries on the West Memphis Three (here's one, here's another)--or familiar with Mara Leveritt's book, or with the Arkansas Supreme court (who ruled in 2010 that a new evidentiary hearing was required in the case), or with FBI profiler John Douglas, or with the State of Arkansas (who released the three men with time served, via Alford pleas, so as to avoid three $18M lawsuits)--understand that three men lost 18 years to prison for crimes they did not commit, I am left deeply concerned that Blatty, a man entrusted with highschool-age children, spends his freetime parroting the prosecution's 1993 Satanic child sex-assault and murder fiction.

I am wondering if anyone whose child is in contact with Michael Blatty, or whose child has been around Blatty in the past, might be able to share further insights into Blatty's "interesting" (for want of a better phrase) psychological makeup.

I understand that Blatty, who also claims to be a "writer" (though I can find nothing he's written other than retellings of the prosecution's Satan-stories), might experience issues related to growing up in the shadow of his father, Peter Blatty (The Exorcist), but it does not explain his creepy obsession with the West Memphis Three, nor does it assuage my concerns regarding his fitness to be around children who are the same age as were the wrongfully accused in this case.

That Blatty lives in here in Salem--beautiful, compassionate, friendly Salem, whose collective wisdom is borne of so much pain--is merely a bitter irony. I am far more concerned for Michael Blatty's present influence not on a community of adults who know better, but on children entrusted to his care and authority.

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Scared (again) in Salem